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Satin White

Cost of living

How much does it cost to study in Maastricht? This varies between individuals and the type of lifestyle you lead. If this is your first time living away from home, you may be surprised at the number of expenses that crop up which you never thought of before. More than simply the cost of your tuition, you can expect to pay a lot each month for housing, leisure, groceries, transport etc.

Below you find a list of the average student's monthly expenses to give you an idea of these costs. Please remember to take into account extra bills such as internet and TV subscriptions or extra books.


  • Tuition: € 163*
  • Rent: € 366
  • Groceries: € 161
  • Books and other necessities: € 57
  • Transportation (in addition to the OV card): € 55
  • Relaxation, going out, sports: € 144
  • Clothing and personal care: € 47
  • Health insurance: € 97
  • Telephone: € 26

Total: € 1,100


* May differ for international students.

Cost of living