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Health | Advanced Health Care

This programme certifies to strengthen your competencies to become a professional leader in your health profession. Either you can become a role model in your own country. The programme is a specialization of the Master of Health.

    What does the programme offer?

    The application is closed for NON-EU applicants. From March 2019 we will re-open the application for 2019-2020. For EU-candidates, some places are still available.

    Advanced Health Care is a specialization of the Master of Health. This flexible and innovative master programme balances intercultural, multi-professional academic content with practical experience. You will strengthen your international competencies and develop your skills to:

    • be a health care leader and role model in your profession
    • be a critical thinker who drives health care innovation and changes
    • link scientific knowledge and professional practice
    • implement innovative ideas
    • work as an inter-professional health care practitioner

    International collaboration

    Advanced Health Care was developed by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, The Netherlands, and PXL University College in Hasselt, Belgium, in close cooperation with Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Intensive collaboration and full commitment of topflight educational and content experts have assured the development of a demanding and challenging programme.

    The programme is taught at the Heerlen campus of Zuyd UAS in the Netherlands (near Maastricht). Field trips will include visits to the PXL University College in Hasselt, Belgium and the Maastricht University in Maastricht.


    The master programme comprises 60 European Credits in total. It is taught on-campus and full-time for the duration of one academic year, from September till June.




    This outstanding programme incorporates the latest insights in the development and provision of excellent health care. High calibre experts from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, PXL University College and Maastricht University lead the development and delivery of the programme. Internationally renowned experts from leading universities, hospitals and clinics are affiliated to the programme. These experts teach our students on-campus, via web-based lectures or via Skype.

    Read what our students say...

    About the course
    "… The best experience for me so far without any doubt was the module 'ethical-political praxis'. My point of view of a wide range of health and even life issues has change after this module. The professor has a respectful background and the classes were very dynamic. …" (Mauricio)

    "… To be a critical thinker, be able to apply scientific knowledge and to be a healthcare leader are the goals that I would like to achieve. …" (Raquel)

    "… my best experiences are related to the practical part of it: visits, congresses, workshop, lectures that happen outside the classroom and work we bring to do at home…" (Renan)

    About the teaching method
    "… The small distance between professor and student is one of the key features of this course to me … … the teacher is always there for us but more as a guide throughout our learning process, in which we have active roles… "(Mucio)

    "… my best experience so far is the relationship with the teachers …" (Caua)

    "… what is special in the programme is the flexibility of the schedule, which gives us time to have a life …" (Bruna)



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