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Short programmes

Taking part in one of our short programmes can be interesting for you if you are looking for a career development or if you want to gain some experience abroad.Our list of short programmes and courses is growing every year.

One year programmes
Advanced Health Care

This programme certifies to strengthen your competencies to become a professional leader in your profession. Either you can become a role model in your own country or you can swiftly make a step to a Master programme related to health care.


Advanced Health Care >  

Applied Science

You can comprise your own one-year programme in accordance to your interests by making a selection of theoretical and practical courses, minors, a research project or internship. The number of credits required per semester is at least 30 ECs. You are allowed to enroll for minors outside of the main programme


Applied Science >  

Built Environment

This one-year programme is designed around architecture within the built environment with sustainability as a major ingredient. The programme has a nice and steady built up. You will start with some intercultural exchange items, a sustainability boost and a few business visits. Ingredients are theoretical and practical courses, research projects or an internship.

Built Environment >  

Industrial Engineering and Management

This one-year programme consists of two minors of choice and an internship. You can choose from strategic management, management and consulting in science, and sustainability in business and technology. 

Industrial Engineering and Management >

Management Science and Consulting 

In this minor you study the complete process of consultancy, from acquisition, problem definition, (data) research and reporting to communication with your client. 



Management Science and Consulting >  

Strategic Management

This minor allows you to develop your strategic thinking. Central topics in this minor are vision/mission of a business, writing a business plan, economic developments, the international perspective and key functions in a company. 



Strategic Management >  

Sustainability in Business and Technology

In this minor we approach the issue of sustainability from the angles of life sciences, business, and technology. Objective is to increase your awareness of the challenges we face to guarantee high living standards for the future. 



Sustainability in Business and Technology >  

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