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International Business

International Business is a bachelor’s degree study programme, that focuses on a wide range of subjects related to doing business internationally, such as marketing, management, finance, economics, law, supply chain management and foreign languages.

    What does the programme International Business offer you?

    English taught
    International Business is a four-year study programme, fully taught in English.

    What will you learn?
    You will focus on a wide range of subjects related to doing business internationally, such as:

    • marketing
    • management
    • finance
    • economics
    • law
    • supply chain management
    • foreign languages 

    Real-life business cases
    International Business takes a hands-on approach to learning, by continuously combining theory and practice during the entire study programme. This means that all modules are centred around a real-life business case, presented to us by existing (international) companies or organizations. You will be asked to solve a company’s business problem in groups with fellow students from all stages of the study programme. Supported by experts on the underlying theory, you will do research on the subject and develop a plan for your customer.

    To come to an acceptable end result, you will not only need factual knowledge on subjects like finance, marketing, operations and supply chain management but as a professional-to-be, you also need to develop certain skills. By working on a real-life business challenge, you will for example learn how to co-operate, communicate, do research, analyze and think critically with intercultural awareness. Our coaches will guide you and your fellow students through the process.

    Second foreign language
    Since our study programme is fully taught in English, your language and communication skills will reach a high level during this study programme. Besides English you will study a second (foreign) language as part of an Intercultural Business Line focusing on doing business in either German, French or Spanish speaking countries, Asia or the Euregion.

    Intercultural Business Lines
    The Intercultural Business Lines teach you about the culture of the geographical region of your choice and how this affects business in that region. Depending on your choice, either German, French or Spanish are offered within their respective Intercultural Business Lines. Dutch is offered in the Euregion Business Line. Within the Asian Intercultural Business Line some attention is paid to Chinese but only to help your understanding of the culture. You will not learn Chinese.

    Fast track
    We offer a three-year fast track to students that have a secondary science education or pre-research university level education.

    International Business is located in the historic city of Maastricht, home of the Treaty of the European Union, at the centre of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, where the borders of Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands meet. Brussels and Amsterdam are within easy reach.

    International career
    If you are interested in a fascinating and challenging job that involves a great deal of international exposure and business contacts all over the world, our International Business course will be an excellent starting point for a dynamic and international career.

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    Fast track

    The International Business study programme offers a three-year fast track. The fast track has been developed for Dutch vwo-students and international students with a pre-research university level education or secondary science education who want to go for a more practical orientated bachelor degree before they start with their masters.

    Duration: 3 years
    Credits: 180 EC
    Diploma: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    Entry requirements
    If you want to start in the fast track you have to meet the following entry requirements:

    • A positive advice by the intake committee after the International Business matching day.
    • A diploma secondary science education or pre-research university level education (vwo in the Netherlands)
    • You should have followed these subjects until the final year of secondary education:
      - Mathematics or Economics
      - English
      - A second foreign language out of German, French, Spanish or Dutch

    More information
    If you would like to know more about the fast track programme, contact our fast track coordinator at info.ibs@zuyd.nl.



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