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International Business

Here you can find information about the entry requirements and the application procedure for enrolment.

    Admission requirements

    Admission for Dutch students

    Havo or vwo
    You need a havo or vwo diploma with at least one of the following subjects:

    • Economics
    • Management & Organization
    • Mathematics

    If you have an mbo diploma at level 4, you meet the requirements of the study programme. The chances to pass are realistic for students who have studied Economics and English during the mbo level 4 study. Students with no or limited knowledge of a second language besides English are strongly advised not to choose this study programme.

    21+ Exam
    Exemption of the pre-university requirements is only possible on the basis of a binding admission examination. You are only eligible for this examination if you are 21 years of age or older.

    Admission for international students

    Generally speaking, a secondary school diploma will give access to our study programme, e.g.: 

    • Abitur
    • Fachhochschulreife
    • international baccalaureate 

    In co-operation with the NUFFIC, The Netherlands’ Organisation for International Co-operation in Higher Education, we will assess the value of foreign diplomas.

    Extra requirements

    • You need advanced knowledge (secondary school graduation level) of economics or mathematics. 
    • You need to prove that you have a good command of the English language. A secondary school graduation level is required for EU-students. Students from outside of the EU are required to take an IELTS (score at least 6) or TOEFL test (computer-based score at least 213).

    Immigration regulations
    Do not forget to check the immigration regulations imposed by the Dutch authorities. Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a visa for The Netherlands. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Therefore, start your application process well in advance to avoid disappointment.

    In principle, applications for enrolment should be in our possession before 1 May. Late applications may be considered by the course management. You can ask Marjan van Diepenbeek, Student Recruitment Officer, for further information about late enrolment procedures.


    Admission for exchange students
    Different rules apply for exchange students. If you wish to participate in an international exchange programme provided by Zuyd University, please check the information for incoming exchange students.  

    Application for enrolment

    If you are interested in International Business you can apply via Studielink. You can follow your registration at Studielink 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you have registered, you will automatically receive notice of our training.


    Apply now via Studielink

    Deadline for application 
    In principle, applications for enrolment should be in our possession before 1 May. Late applications may be considered by the management. You can ask Marjan van Diepenbeek by e-mail (marjan.vandiepenbeek@zuyd.nl), Student Recruitment Officer, for further information about late enrolment procedures.

    Start and location
    The study programme starts every year, in the first week of September, at the Brusselseweg in Maastricht. 

    Study check

    The study check  is part of the admission procedure. We organize matching days for new students that enroll for our study programme. This matching day is an experience day and study check in one. During this day you can check if the study programme matches with your expectations and ambitions. It will also give you an idea of your capacity to complete the study programme successfully in three or four years. Moreover, the results of the matching day will also be used by your coach in order to guide you through the first year of the study programme.


    Online study check
    If you live out of a range of 200 km from Maastricht you can ask for an online study check. If this applies to you, please contact intake.ibs@zuyd.nl. Please note that a Skype interview will be part of the online study check. You will receive an invitation for the interview by mail.

    Programme matching day
    A matching day consists of:

    • Filling out a questionnaire on your background, education, personal situation and motivation.
    • A presentation by a group of  students, followed by a meet & greet, where you can ask any question you may have on studying here.
    • A taster class in for example marketing or finance. A personal conversation with one of our coaches of approximately 20 minutes, based on the answers that you gave in the questionnaire that you filled out during the morning programme.
    A matching day will take place in our school building at Brusselseweg 150, Maastricht, the Netherlands.


    After enrolling in Studielink, you will receive an invitation to register online for a study check. If you have not enrolled in Studielink yet, you can also register for a matching day by by filling out this form.

    Matching days will take place on the following dates:

    • Friday 8 June 2018
    • Thursday 21 June 2018
    • Monday 9 July 2018




    Tuition fees
    For each academic year, you have to pay the tuiton fees. Non-EU citizens will be charged a higher amount. For further details, please contact us. Exchange students from our international partner schools do not have to pay extra tuition fees in Maastricht (Socrates/Erasmus and Magellan Exchange). 

    Cost of living
    The monthly cost of living in Maastricht will amount to about € 800 (including the cost of renting a room, food and drinks, entertainment, transport, personal care, health insurance and books and readers but excluding tuition fees). You should realize that the study exchange  and the internship (if abroad) in  will cause some extra expenditure. 

    Every year, non-EU/EEA students are required to provide written evidence of their ability to live and study in The Netherlands to the local authorities. This means that they should have at least € 8000 at their disposal on a Dutch bank account.


    More location information