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Satin White

Vanesa Diaz from Spain

Student Diaz

Vanesa Diaz (age 31), fourth-year student Jazz


Learning by doing
Studying music is different from studying other subjects. We learn by doing. Our "examinations" consist of things like preparing a concert. It’s hard to classify musicians according to a standard system of marks. That’s why music school is more about the environment and the opportunities that are being offered. Students spend time playing together, doing projects, and performing in combos. You find other students who have the same passion as you and say, "Let’s jam, share, do things together."


Maastricht is music-minded
Your teacher is more like a coach than a lecturer. I think at the moment there is not enough connection between the different school departments, but Maastricht itself is quite music-minded. There are many regular music festivals and a daily jam session.


How I ended up here?
In 2012 I got my Bachelor’s degree in Music Education in Tenerife. My boyfriend had just moved to Maastricht and I decided to come too. I found a job working in the kitchen of a tapas restaurant. I kept meeting more and more students from the Conservatorium and heard their stories, and that inspired me to apply to the Jazz Composition & Arranging programme. And I got accepted!


Organizing events
I live in a big old house together with nine other musicians and artists. I now support myself by performing and by organizing an arts festival called 2in1, which is a platform for different art disciplines like music, poetry, and dance. And that is exactly what I want to keep doing after completing my studies, but then on a much larger scale. I see myself organizing events and festivals; playing flamenco, jazz, and Latin music with my band; and of course also teaching!’