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Satin White

Tino Ndoro from Zimbabwe

Student Ndoro

Tino Ndoro (21), first-year student Hotel Management


I took the chance
'I was in doubt about what to study. Developmental studies? Political sciences? And then I realized that anywhere there is a hotel, there is a job. The country of Zimbabwe is making great progress again. The economy is almost back at its peak again and tourism is booming. I took the chance and decided to study Hotel Management. I applied to various different institutions in the Netherlands and got accepted at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.


Challenging programme
Living on campus is ideal in the first year, although the noise levels can get a bit much every now and then. I like the fact that we all have private rooms. I find the programme quite challenging but also fun. I particularly enjoy the frequent presentations given by luxurious five-star hotels, about how they operate. We learn about their policies and how they promote their brands.


Cultural differences
I do encounter some cultural differences. For example, in Zimbabwe people around you constantly hold your hand and give you directions so you don’t get lost. Here you’re expected to build up your own independence by just getting on and doing things. Just keep trying until you learn how to do something. I am sure I will have become my own person by the time I leave here. It will be a great help in the rest of my life if I can find out how far I can be stretched in certain circumstances.


My dreams for the future
Ten years from now I’d like to open a resort in Africa, maybe a spa. I want to focus my recruitment on women from less privileged backgrounds, And to empower them to take a job in the first place. I want to train them and educate them, so they will hopefully face fewer struggles in their lives.'