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Giuseppe Scalici from Italy

Giuseppe Scalici 


Jazz is important for a musician
'My dream is to be a musician. I think it is really important for a musician to learn the language of jazz, which is not the simplest type of music to play. It’s very intellectual. I want to make all kinds of music: for films, cartoons, and video games. I love many different music genres: jazz, rock, heavy metal, and classical.


Why I choose Maastricht
A friend of mine from Palermo, who is studying Design, called me one day and said: "Peppe, I’m making animated cartoons and films. Can you give me some of your music?" I believe in this kind of group energy, team work, the sensation of having a goal together. I studied jazz guitar for three years in Palermo, but I felt I wasn’t getting what was best for me. That’s why I applied to study in Maastricht. I was made welcome, but I had to start at the first-year level.


Follow your dreams
Like all Sicilians, I feel very close to my family, the dialect, and the traditions. My parents told me: "Okay, follow your dreams, but we cannot help you. Find yourself a job, be responsible for yourself." In the Netherlands it is possible to get a scholarship if you find a part-time job. My current job is in housekeeping. And then of course there is my time at school, and doing homework, assignments, and composition projects. So this year is very busy.


Open atmosphere
The method of teaching in Maastricht is as it should be. If I have a question, the teachers take the time to explain and demonstrate. There is a very open atmosphere and a focus on practicing and learning by doing. I really feel stronger now, more mature. I want to devote all my energy to this opportunity, here and now.’