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Eliana Cruz from Colombia

Student Cruz

Eliana Cruz (age 38), third-year student Jazz


Looking for a new experience
'In the last year of my second Bachelor’s degree in music in Italy, I took part in the Erasmus exchange programme. That gave me the opportunity to study at Conservatorium Maastricht. I was a clarinettist and looking for a new experience.


The best decision I ever made
It was the saxophone teacher in Maastricht who showed me a whole new path. I had heard about him and arranged to meet him at the coffee machine one day. After hearing my story, he made a suggestion. "Why don’t you apply to study Jazz Composition?" he said. "I don’t have the skill set" was my answer. "You can learn." And here I am in my third year. It was the best decision I ever made.


Warm and friendly place
The teachers here help me find a new musical path. I feel good here. It’s a warm, friendly place where you can put forward ideas without being negatively judged. You can easily find channels for expression. The new director has really brought a new vibe to the place. She works to ensure that we see new opportunities, and she encourages us to perform outside school.


Small but very international
Maastricht is the perfect location for students. It’s not very big but it’s still very international, with many students from all over the world. You get to know everybody in your field of music, and you are continually meeting new people. The city is located where three countries meet. We can easily go to concerts in Brussels, take part in a jam session in Cologne, and meet other musicians in Aachen. After graduating, I plan to use all that I am learning now to create a social organization in order to help other people showcase their music.'