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Satin White

Cedric Wiegel from Germany

 Cedric Wiegel


Innovative art programme
'Maastricht has a wide range of fairly unconventional and innovative art programmes. Interdisciplinary Arts, iArts in short, is pretty unconventional too. In iArts, we combine entrepreneurship and art into a mindset. We do theoretical research and create and sell art. We learn about what we need to make things happen, like organizing yourself, talking to technicians, planning transport for people, and pitching in front of an audience. We need to engage with the world and connect as human beings.


Constantly pushing our own boundaries
We always need to adapt, make changes, and be flexible. We use everything around us as a source of inspiration and a possible subject for our art projects. We don’t limit ourselves and we are constantly pushing our own boundaries. It’s really up to the students what media they use. Theoretically, I can try anything. Music and sound design are my main skills, but the idea of the course is not to specialize too much and instead to develop a range of skill sets.


Like a second family
I live in a big house with eight other students. They are studying Law, Psychology, European Studies, and Business. It’s great to have this dynamic in the house. It feels like a second family. Separating my professional life or academic life from the other parts of my life seems very counterproductive to me. My life has to be a unified whole. For me, iArts is almost a way of life. The things I do as part of my studies are also things I really like to do in my spare time.


Faith and confidence
The biggest challenge for me is not to worry about my future finances. As an artist, I will not necessarily fit into a neat system of fixed contracts and regular income, but I see that as something very valuable too: not knowing what is approaching. You need to have faith and confidence in yourself and in people around you. Challenges are there to be overcome!'