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Satin White

Aziza Madani from Dubai

Student Madani

Aziza Madani, second-year student of International Business


How I got here
'It's all because of my uncle. He played a major role in me ending up here. My father has his own business, and as his first child I am interested in joining the company. But in my country, the International Business programmes are just not that international. When I was looking for a place somewhere else, my uncle was working for the Embassy of Qatar in the Netherlands.

My first choice was Maastricht University, but my application there was unsuccessful. Now, however, I have no regrets at all.


At Zuyd I instantly get to apply what I have learned. We recently had to produce a business plan for our own imaginary company and one for the paper producing company Sappi. We also attended a three-day business competition for students in Leuven in Belgium. Every day, we were given a case study and three hours to prepare a presentation for a jury.


Really international
Next year, I will be taking part in an exchange programme which will take me to a university in the UK. After that, I’m off for a five-month international internship. You need to find a company yourself. It could be anywhere in the world, but I haven’t decided yet where I’d like to go.


Everybody speaks English
To be honest, when I arrived in Maastricht in September 2014, I was quite nervous. I thought the language and communication would be a problem. But it turns out that everybody speaks English, even my neighbours and the people in the shops. My dad thinks that’s a pity. "If people only spoke Dutch to you, you could learn the language in no time," he said. I am now learning Dutch as my second language together with my fellow international students.'