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Satin White


Do you want to work alongside your studies? Then you first have to think about what kind of job you would like to do and how much free time you have to work.

Do you have to speak Dutch?
If you do not speak Dutch, certain jobs will be impossible for you. Even if you speak some Dutch, the job may require the fluency of a native speaker. Learning some basics can help impress employers and integrate more fully into the community. In your first year of study you are eligible to take part in a Dutch Course offered by the University of Maastricht.


Job opportunities
However, even without Dutch there are opportunities for international students. A good starting point is the Maastricht University Vacancy Board, which advertises a lot of student jobs in a variety of different fields of work. Another place to look is a temping agency (uitzendbureau), who create a profile with you and then help you find a job. As soon as the agency has found a suitable job they will contact you and invite you to come by to discuss details and sign the contract. The job agency that will act as your employer and match you to companies that need temporary workers. Finally, bars and restaurants often need an extra pair of hands to help with waiting, bartending, cooking or cleaning.