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Satin White


Getting to know your fellow students, your university and your city – that is what the introduction is for. It will make you feel at home soon.

Introduction programme for international students
Zuyd offers a two day introduction programme to welcome international exchange and degree seeking students at the beginning of the autumn and spring semester. Participation is completely free. The series of interesting activities and events will enable you to meet fellow students and staff, have lots of fun, familiarize yourself not only with the university but also with the city of Maastricht, interesting regions on the outskirts and introduce you to the Dutch culture.  Read more...

Programmes for all students 
There are also introduction programmes for all students in which you participate. Most faculties or study programmes and students’ associations organise their own introduction activities. Please contact them direct for more information. In addition, the cities of Heerlen, Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen organise introduction programmes, which all new students can take part in.


Introduction in Maastricht
Experience Maastricht during the INKOM. Check out the INKOM website for more details. 

Introduction in Heerlen
Meet Heerlen and your fellow students during the HSI (Heerlense Studenten Introductie). For more information, go to the website of the HSI.   

Introduction in Sittard-Geleen
Get to know Sittard-Geleen during the municipal introduction programme. More info can be found on the introduction website.