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Money matters

In the Netherlands the European currency called the Euro is used. The biggest advantage of the common currency is that you can travel through most of the EU without having to exchange currencies.

Opening a bank account
If you wish, you can open a bank account in the Netherlands. With your Dutch bank card you can pay for your purchases in most of the shops, supermarkets and restaurants. International students can set up a bank account at the ING Bank at the Vrijthof in Maastricht, using a special registration form that you can pick up at Zuyd's Student Administration on your campus.


Use of bank and credit cards
If you have a bank card that allows access to the Cirrus or Maestro network, you can withdraw money from your account through ATMs. You will need a PIN-code to access your account. Most shops only accept cash payment or payment by bank card. In some cases also credit card payment is possible. The Netherlands has a relatively high living standard and some products may be more expensive than in your own country. Make sure that your budget is sufficient for the entire period of your stay.