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Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014 – 2020

Europe has more to offer
Erasmus+ is the new European subsidy programme for education, youth and sport. At the basis is the notion that investing in education, training and informal learning are of crucial importance to give people – irrespective of age and background -  the opportunity to develop themselves on a continuous basis; in other words: life long learning.

The knowledge and/or skills mastered will contribute to make the European economy stronger. In order to remain an attractive knowledge-based economy and to be able to compete with other knowledge-based areas worldwide, Europe needs to become smarter. Erasmus+ is the way to achieve that larger goal.

The Erasmus+ programme, which offers students and staff unique opportunities for a study, internship or teaching experience in any other European country and Turkey for three to twelve months.

For whom?
Students selected by Zuyd's exchange partners will generally qualify for this exchange programme. The annual number of students to be exchanged is agreed on in a bilateral agreement. Once selected and admitted by Zuyd, you can apply for Erasmus funding through the Erasmus coordinator at your home institution. For a list of our exchange partners within the Erasmus network, check out our list of partners

Officially, you will have to stay abroad for at least three months. If an internship is part of your study abroad experience, you should first study for three months and after this you can do your internship. The maximum stay abroad is twelve months. You could stay longer, but you can only receive Erasmus funding for a maximum of twelve months.

Staff mobility
Teaching staff and administrative staff of partner universities can also apply for an exchange at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences by submitting your request to the Erasmus coordinator at your own university.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences applied successfully for the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020. This Charter (PDF document) provides the general framework for all European co-operation activities that higher education institutions may carry out within the Erasmus Programme. The Charter also sets out the fundamental principles and the minimum requirements underlying the Erasmus+ activities a higher education institution has to respect.

Zuyd University's European Policy Statement
The European Policy Statement (PDF document) sets out the overall Erasmus+ co-operation strategy of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in relation to its mission statement, underlying its Erasmus+ co-operation plan as well as any other activities in the framework of the European lifelong learning programme.


Erasmus Student Network

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