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Admission requirements

Before you apply it's wise to check out what the admission requirements are for the study programme you want to start at.

Diploma requirements
The admission requirements may vary, depending on the study programme of your choice.

  • Bachelor degree programmes
    Generally speaking, if you want to follow a Bachelor degree programme at Zuyd you must have a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to the Dutch levels, for example the German Abitur, the French baccalauréat, or a US high school diploma. Quite a number of our study programmes have additional requirements. Check the webpage of the study programme of your choice for course-specific details.
  • Master degree programmes
    If you want to be enrolled in one of our Master degree programmes, you must have a bachelor's degree that is equivalent to the Dutch degree, usually in the same discipline or in the same professional domain.

Copies of diplomas
If you wish to be enrolled in one of our study programmes, you will be asked to submit authenticated copies of your diplomas. 

Diploma recognition
Information on recognition of diplomas for admission to Dutch universities of applied sciences can be found on the NUFFIC website.


Language requirements for study programmes taught in English
For admission to our study programmes that are taught in English, a minimum overall band IELTS score of at least 6.0 is required. Besides IELTS, the equivalent TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge ESOL level certificates are also accepted. See the Code of Conduct for details. 

You are exempted from this requirement if you have:

  • obtained a diploma in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia
  • obtained a diploma in the EU/EEA and passed English as an examination subject
  • an accredited international American high school diploma or British international (I)GCSE/ A-levels
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma

Language requirements study programmes taught in Dutch
If you want to apply for a study programme that is taught in the Dutch language, you'll need to have a thorough command of the Dutch language. If your native language is not Dutch, you are required to submit evidence of proficiency in Dutch when you apply for admission. Sufficient proficiency in Dutch may be attained after following Dutch as a Second Language, through an NT2 course. To make sure that you can attend study programmes taught in Dutch, you have to attain the NT2-level II. This also applies to students of Dutch nationality who do not have a Dutch educational background. The NT2-level II exam is a State Examination. If you have no prior knowledge of Dutch at all, it will take you about a year to prepare for the NT2-level II exam. More information about the NT2-level II exam.


Language requirements for art programmes
If you want to be enrolled in our Dutch arts programmes you do not have to meet the above-mentioned language requirements. Please contact the study programme concerned for more specific information regarding admission. 

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