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The Dutch region of Limburg has an ageing population. This creates an imbalance of supply and demand in the field of healthcare. Ultimately that is a threat to the quality of care. The clever use of (supportive/assistive) technology in health care can be a solution. There is technology available that both increases the autonomy of the client and supports the provision of care.

Healthcare workers want innovative ways to integrate technology in to their work and professional practices. However, in daily practice this is not a simple task, as a number of barriers stand in the way. Providers of these technologies are often unaware of the specific issues arising from practice. In addition the care providers may have difficulty defining their technology needs, and frequently lack knowledge of the possibilities offered by technology. The fields of healthcare and technology are therefore, at times, miles apart from each other.

Narrowing the gap between the fields of healthcare and technology is one of the main goals of the research centre. Together with parties from both fields we work toward concrete solutions that are meaningful in healthcare practice, and we seek to contribute to the effective use of those solutions.


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