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Smart Urban Redesign: value for the region

The Research Center for Smart Urban Redesign aims to improve liveability, life quality and wellbeing in neighbourhoods using technical and non-technical solutions for the definition and development of the Limburg region future identity.

The economic, social, and urban landscape in Limburg is strongly defined by on-going transition. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the province was a predominantly agricultural society. The rise of the mining industry prompted the emergence of a technical and industrial society. In the 1970s, this industry was rapidly replaced by a large petrochemical industry together with a considerable number of other high-tech industries.


Today, the economic agenda of Limburg is based around the Brightlands initiative with a focus on materials, health, food, and smart services. The Brightlands agenda is breathing new life in the economic development and growth of our region. At the same time, Limburg is still referred to as a shrinking region facing challenges in the field of employment, demographic decline, and deteriorating built environments and infrastructure.


The Research Centre for Smart Urban ReDesign (SURD) has strong connections with the Brightlands agenda in two ways. On the one hand, it helps to create the necessary environment to establish strong ties between people and the region by developing an attractive, and healthy urban environment offering a good quality of life in order to ensure economic growth. On the other hand, SURD connects with the focus areas. It builds on the societal challenges in health and sustainable energy, with an important role set aside for smart materials, production, and services for a functional, attractive, vital, and sustainable built environment design.


To fulfil its role, the Research Centre aims to establish close collaboration with regional and local stakeholders such as the Province of Limburg, Parkstad Limburg, IBA, municipalities, housing corporations, industry, and the community.


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Research Centre of Smart Urban Redesign
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