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Smart Devices

The Research Centre for Smart Devices focuses on the design, development, and implementation of new devices and applications in the context of healthy living and ageing, with special consideration for healthy mobility.

  • A smart device can provide meaningful feedback about the condition of the user. For example, a patient with rheumatism can be warned of an upcoming bout of pain by measuring biomarkers in the saliva.
  • A smart device can autonomously take over a complete function. For example, the blood sugar level of a diabetic patient can be automatically monitored and regulated with an insulin pump or the contamination of a medical environment with antibiotic resistant bacteria can be automatically monitored.
  • A smart device can motivate users to improve their activity level thereby encouraging healthy behaviour. For example, motivation can be achieved by a game that allows access to the next level if you have taken sufficient steps.

The activities of the Research Centre contribute to the focus point ‘innovative care and technology’ of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Gabriëlle Tuijthof is the leader of the Research Centre. She is directly involved in the development of the new study programme Healthcare Engineering and also provides input to different minors, the Professional Engineer pathway, and will offer various final projects that are linked to the applied research of Smart Devices.


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