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Material Sciences

Many innovations are dependent on materials. The wide variety of ways in which materials can be applied requires them to have a broad palette of characteristics. Plastics with suitable characteristics for specific applications can be produced with the correct design, synthesis, and processing of molecules. With the depletion of raw fossil fuels and the effects of emissions on the climate, there is increased pressure to produce materials in a more responsible and conscious way.

The objective of the Research Centre is to facilitate sustainable innovation in polymer materials and linking innovation and education.

These polymeric materials can be used for energy, construction, care, and health care applications. Through this research, the Research Centre supports the life science and materials focus point of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and is a facilitator for the two other focus points: innovative care and technology and transition to a sustainable built environment.

Research assignments are conducted based on the three lines of research of the Research Centre:

  • Sustainable Synthesis and Production
  • Material Engineering
  • Biobased Materials

Based on these research lines, the Research Centre focuses on the three technologies identified by the Top Sector Chemistry as key technologies for Nederland Kennisland in the field of sustainability.

  • Micro Reactor Technology
  • Nano Technology
  • 3D Printing Materials


Chemistry and Materials


It is all about performance...

And size does matter


Research Centre for Material Sciences
Nieuw Eyckholt 300
NL-6419 DJ Heerlen

Chair: Gino van Strijdonck

E gino.vanstrijdonck@zuyd.nl  
T +31 (0)6 34 38 45 57