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Satin White


At Zuyd, the interconnection of education, research and training is organized in faculties.

This enables companies to reach students more easily for work placements or traineeships. And students can be trained more effectively to become innovative professionals. Knowledge and insight gained through research is applied in the Bachelor's degree programmes and in our courses and training. The nine faculties comprise many disciplines, ranging from Technology to Health Care and from Economics to Art.

Regional partnerships
The structure of our faculties ensures that education, research and practical work can be linked more closely. This has led to a large number of cooperation projects, ranging from relatively small-scale projects such as Combo Repair (an individual student's market research project that has resulted in his own company) to larger ones such as the Centre for Chemistry, the Health Care Academy and the District of Tomorrow.

Below you can find the overview of our nine faculties, the directors and contact information.

Faculty Director Contact 
Bèta Sciences and Technology   
Bert Schroën T +31 (0)45 400 6804
Commercial and Financial  
Dries Lodewijks  T +31 (0)46 420 7026 / 7221

Raymond Clement  T +31 (0)45 400 6320
Hotel and Facility Management
Ad Smits  T +31 (0)43 352 8663 / 8664
Peter Princen  T +31 (0)45 400 6400
International Business and
Jeanette Oostijen  T +31 (0)43 346 6438
Leo Swinkels  T +31 (0)43 346 6415 
Management and Law
Dries Lodewijks T +31 (0)46 420 7026 / 7221
Social Studies and Education
Raymond Clement
(ad interim)
T +31 (0)45 400 6320