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International projects

Young Professionals Overseas
The Young Professionals Overseas project provides opportunities for placements, graduation projects and minors in India, Zambia, Tanzania, Nicaragua and South Africa. Young Professionals Overseas is a work-based learning project aimed at multi-disciplinary, demand-driven and sustainable internships. Read more...

Expertise Centre China
The Zuyd Expertise Centre China (ZECC) aims to accelerate knowledge creation in the Netherlands and China by establishing an entrepreneurial unit utilizing Zuyd’s expertise and in this way strengthening its position abroad. ZECC is initially focusing on the fields of health, arts and international business and communication, and will expand at a later stage to other fields including hospitality, IT and technology. Through trainings, projects and research, ZECC carries the mission of creating better professionals in the global world by enriching education in China and the Netherlands. Do you want more information? You can contact us: 
E expertisecentrechina@zuyd.nl
T +31 (0)43 346 62 51 or +31 (0)43 346 64 56

LUNA is an expert group within the Faculty of Health which tries to manifest its educational expertise in an international perspective. This is done in line with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. LUNA aims to enhance the quality of education for all partners involved. To achieve these goals, they would like to establish partnerships in bilateral capacity building for staff. Equally importantly, they are keen to arrange student exchanges and training programmes as part of the curriculum. Please contact us for further information. Call us or send us an e-mail:

E ruud.heijnen@zuyd.nl 
T +31 45 400 63 02  or  +31 6 14 78 20 34

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